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WVU’s HSTA allows West Virginia high school students free college education opportunities

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What’s the News?
In a state that sees just 56 percent of its general population go to college, Health Sciences & Technology Academy at West Virginia University students reach the 99 percent mark and a 90 percent graduation rate. For the last 25 years, Ann Chester has led HSTA, a one-of-its-kind program which provides free secondary education opportunities to West Virginia high school students who otherwise would not have the option, or the means, to attend college.

Quotes and Comments:
“HSTA can impact a student by opening the doors. We have so many kids in West Virginia who are bright, so many kids in West Virginia who have the potential to be successful, but the opportunities are just not as widespread as the potential. What HSTA does, is it spreads opportunity into areas where they’re missing, and allows kids, who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance for success, to be successful. And these kids, they’re from families who have never been to college, they’re from families who traditionally don’t even think about college. So, where 99 percent of these kids are going to college, 90 percent of them are graduating with at least a two-year degree in six years, and 87 percent are graduating with a four-year degree.” —Ann Chester, HSTA Director

 “People that I know in my community or family are very excited for me, and not all of my family has had the opportunity to go to college and actually complete college, and especially not debt-free for the ones that did. They’re very excited for me and they realize how much of an opportunity it is, and they always encourage me to keep going on for as much education as I want because it’s free.” —Kirk Moore, Morgantown, junior in the HSTA program

(VIDEO): Ann Chester

(VIDEO): Kirk Moore

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