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President Gee’s bow ties to be featured at exhibit in Evansdale Library

President Gee with his bowtie collection.

President Gordon Gee's bow tie collection will be shown off at the Evansdale Library until May 15. 

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President Gordon Gee’s bow tie collection will be displayed as an exhibit at the West Virginia University Evansdale Library until May 15. The exhibit, created by WVU Art in the Libraries program, will include notable ties that were worn in times of honor and photographs.

Quotes and Comments

“We all hear about President Gee’s bow tie collection and see his quirky style on selfies on social media, but this exhibit selection made by Gee himself offers a real intimate look into his personal collection, that he holds dear and wasn’t easy for him to let go. People will enjoy seeing more fancy ties alongside silly ties and distinctive ties, as well as stories about his growing fascination with bow ties starting when he was 16.” – Sally Deskins, Exhibits & Programs Coordinator


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President Gee’s Bowties to be featured at exhibit in Evansdale Library

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CONTACT: Sally Deskins

West Virginia University Libraries, Exhibits & Programs Coordinator


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