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WVU Reed College of Media to host ‘Hackathon’ on diversifying news

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The 2018 Reed College of Media Hackathon will officially open at 5 p.m. 

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What’s the news? 

Missing Voices: Diversifying the News,” a collaborative social hackathon focusing on improving the lack of diversity in newsrooms and news coverage, will begin Friday (Oct. 26) at West Virginia University. The event joins students from WVU’s Reed College of Media, Brigham Young University and Morgan State University—three schools separated by race, religion and geography but united in a commitment to bridge those divides.

Quotes and comments

“The diversity problem in our media is many decades in the making – having students lead the way will bring much – needed insights and new thinking to tackling the complex challenges we need to face as an industry.” ­­–Dana Coester, Creative Director for the Media Innovation Center and Executive Editor for 100 Days in Appalachia


WVU Reed College of Media to host ‘hackathon’ on diversifying news

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Program details and registration

Target Audiences

·       Journalism or communication students and teachers

·       People interested in current events and news

·       People interested in activism and equality



CONTACT: Allyson Kennedy, Communications Manager, Reed College of Media

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