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WVU Extension Service expert offers advice for managing stink bugs inside the home


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As temperatures across the Mountain State drop, many insect pests seek shelter indoors, including one common visitor – the brown marmorated stink bug. Though it is a nuisance to homeowners, according to West Virginia University Extension Service insect expert Daniel Frank, this pest won’t harm you and is easily managed with a few simple control methods. 

Daniel Frank
Entomology Specialist and Associate Professor
 WVU Extension Service 

“First, attempt to locate the openings where the insects gain access. Openings around windows, doors, siding, utility pipes, window AC units, and other cracks and crevices should be sealed. When stink bugs are found in the home, the best method for removal is sucking them up with a dry or wet vacuum and then emptying the bugs into a container of soapy water or a sealable container that can be disposed of. Aerosol type insecticide foggers are not recommended for use indoors to kill stink bugs that have amassed in living areas. They will not kill all the stink bugs or prevent more from entering your home. Similarly, spraying insecticides into cracks and crevices will not prevent the bugs from entering living areas, and it’s not a viable or recommended treatment.”

AUDIO FILE (0:36): Daniel Frank on preventing stink bugs

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