WVU expert available for comment on Parkinson’s disease and its impact on daily life

Parkinson’s disease has reached new notoriety in the last decade as celebrities have spoken up and stepped up to support research and reduce stigma. From everyone’s favorite former teen wolf, Michael J. Fox, to Alan Alda of M*A*S*H fame. And while the spotlight has helped to further the cause, there is still plenty of misinformation about the disease, which affects nearly 10 million people worldwide.

Searching for aliens, finding ourselves

Are we alone? Humans have been asking this question throughout history. We want to know where we came from, how we fit into the cosmos and where we are going. We want to know whether there is life beyond the Earth and whether any of it is intelligent. Astronomer Jill Tarter of the SETI Institute will explore this cosmic perspective in a public lecture at West Virginia University. Copies of Tarter’s biography “Making Contact” by Sarah Scoles will be available for purchase and signing.

West Virginia must be part national opioid crisis conversation

Healthcare professionals attending the largest pain management conference in the United States may learn a thing or two about treating pain the “West Virginia Way.” A pain management expert at the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy says it’s imperative that West Virginia has a place at the table in the national conversation about the intersection of the opioid crisis, pain management and substance-use disorder.

WVU political science expert available to discuss Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh

With Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination hearing in full swing, Congress and the public are keeping a close eye on his qualifications and the confirmation process itself. A West Virginia University expert says federal judicial selection should focus on informing the American public. He can also discuss the possible outcomes if Kavanaugh is confirmed, including how the Supreme Court is likely to rule on abortion, the Affordable Care Act and campaign finance.

Tree ring dating confirms historical accounts of 'blood aurora'

In a paper published today in Nature Communications, a worldwide team of researchers has used tree ring dating to confirm that two significant "cosmic events" occurred in 774 and 993 CE. Cross-cultural eyewitness accounts of red or "blood" aurora correspond with these years. The study measured carbon-14 content in 44 wood samples taken from five continents, including two samples from Mongolia provided by West Virginia University geographer Amy Hessl, a co-author on the paper.

WVU LaunchLab’s Welcome Back Pitch & Showcase competition to focus on how students can move WV Forward

Encouraging current students to hone their pitch skills, pop-up pitch participants will be asked to highlight a problem and solution that apply to one of West Virginia Forward’s three main areas of focus: business, education or human capital. In addition to the pop-up pitch, current LaunchLab clients will showcase their ideas and innovations to the audience. This allows pop-up pitch participants and spectators to better understand the resources, connections and successes that the LaunchLab offers.

WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities hosting 1st all-inclusive Run, Walk or Roll

The WVU Center for Excellence in Disabilities will hosting its first all-inclusive fundraising event - Run, Walk or Roll. Events at the WVU Coliseum include a 5K run, a relay track event, a one-mile fun walk and a kids 100-meter dash. People are encouraged to make their own teams and come out to help the CED expand services to individuals with disabilities and their families in West Virginia.