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West Virginia must be part national opioid crisis conversation

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WVU's Mark Garofoli is available to talk about pain management and the opioid crisis. 

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Healthcare professionals attending the largest pain management conference in the United States may learn a thing or two about treating pain the “West Virginia Way.” A pain management expert at the West Virginia University School of Pharmacy says it’s imperative that West Virginia has a place at the table in the national conversation about the intersection of the opioid crisis, pain management and substance-use disorder. 

Mark Garofoli
Director of Experiential Learning, Clinical Assistant Professor
WVU School of Pharmacy

“West Virginia often lacks representation at events like this. But sometimes the best possible solutions come from the places where things are perceived to be the worst. Some phenomenal efforts to address the opioid crisis are originating in our state, and they are gaining recognition among healthcare professionals in the U.S. and across the globe. There is terminology out there referring to these efforts as the ‘West Virginia Way.’”

Garofoli will address three topics at PAINWeek, an interprofessional conference for frontline clinicians interested in pain management. One of the topics Garofoli will discuss is the Safe and Effective Management of Pain Guidelines, developed by 20 experts in West Virginia, including three professors at the School of Pharmacy.

The conference ends Saturday (Sept. 8).

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