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WVU Libraries to host Women of Appalachia Project spoken word event

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What’s the news?
Hear “Women Speak” on diverse Appalachian identities-- from gender and sexuality, to race and ethnicity, class and ability and religion and region at the Downtown Campus Library’s Milano Reading Room on October 6 from 1-3 p.m.

The annual event, created by the Women of Appalachia Project and hosted by West Virginia University Libraries, invites residents of all 420 Appalachian counties to submit writing to be featured. The juried performance of poetry, short stories, songs and essays is free and open to the public.

Quotes and Comments
“I could no sooner separate my identity from Appalachia than I could from being a woman. It is hard to say exactly how Appalachia influences my work or my life because it is in everything I am. In my very fiber there are mountains. Through my stories I hope to show the people I know, whose lives are just as important as those of people living in New York City or Paris.” – Natalie Sypolt, storyteller and WVU alumna

Women of Appalachia Project
Women’s Resource Center
Center for Women’s and Gender Studies
WVU Libraries

Target Audiences
People interested in art
People interested in poetry
Appalachian natives and people living in Appalachia
Morgantown community



CONTACT: Sally Deskins, WVU Libraries

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