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WVU’s Travis Stimeling publishes book about songwriters in West Virginia

Photo of Travis Stimeling in front of Asian art
WVU musicology professor Travis Stimeling has published a book about songwriting in West Virginia.
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What’s the news?
Inspired by the state’s diverse cultural expressions, West Virginia University musicology professor Travis Stimeling has published Songwriting in Contemporary West Virginia: Profiles and Reflections, a new book in WVU Press’ Sounding Appalachia series. With its contents arranged geographically, Songwriting in Contemporary West Virginia is a guidebook to the professional musicians living and working across the state.

Quotes and comments
“West Virginia—and Appalachia, more generally—boasts a remarkably rich musical soundscape. It’s about more than banjos and fiddles, though. Songwriting in Contemporary West Virginia and WVU Press’s Sounding Appalachia series highlight the power that music has to shape our understanding of the world around us, to help us create meaning for our lives, and to assist in the building of communities.” –Travis Stimeling, associate professor of musicology

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Target audiences
• Music majors

• Ethnomusicology enthusiasts

• Appalachian Studies enthusiasts

• Folklore enthusiasts

• Concert-goers



CONTACT: Abby Freeland
Sales and Marketing Manager, West Virginia University Press

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