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Experts say impact of MLK Jr.’s legacy evident 50 years after assassination

Marjorie and Meshea feat

Marjorie Fuller and Meshea Poore

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The Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. is now being carried forward by a new generation. Marjorie Fuller, director of the Center for Black Culture and Research at West Virginia University, and Meshea Poore, vice president of WVU’s Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, believe that as the nation marks the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination, his work is more relevant now than ever.

Marjorie Fuller
Center for Black Culture and Research

“I am first and foremost proud to be an American who was alive during the era of The Civil Rights Movement, and to have had the opportunity to witness the amazing changes that were instituted because of the courage demonstrated by Dr. King and others like him. Many of our young movement leaders are looking to his words for inspiration and guidance as they find themselves confronted with many of the same challenges he faced. And as they continue to work to achieve an equitable and just world, I believe Dr. King is with them, and would be proud.”

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Meshea Poore
Vice President
Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“A little more than five months ago, I visited the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. I stood where Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life had been snuffed out because of his unwavering belief that all people had the right to equal justice, liberty and happiness as promised in U.S. Constitution. He cautioned the nation to be careful in our actions or we would continue on a path toward separate and unequal. Dr. King had a dream that should now be all of our realities that it is up to us to chart a new direction for diversity, equity and inclusion. Now more than ever, we must be resolute, purposeful and omnidirectional in our united efforts to ensure that each of us basks in the glory of Dr. King's vision.”

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