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Three former WVU football players create app to enhance user experience

VEEPIO feature

The minds behind VEEPIO, left to right: Jonathan Ohliger, Najee Goode and Grant Wiley.

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What’s the news?

Three former West Virginia University football players have created a social monetization and navigational platform that offers advertisers and brands the opportunity to forge deeper connections with audience members via VEEPIO. Jonathan Ohliger, Najee Goode and Grant Wiley are the minds behind VEEPIO. Goode will be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles in Sunday's Super Bowl LII.

Quotes and comments

"Getting to the Super Bowl is a dream come true for me and my entire team and being a part of company that developed technology to allow fans to engage on a deeper level with the team is a special combination.” Najee Goode, design engineer for VEEPIO and current Eagles linebacker.

“Our technology integrates with any mobile app on IOS and Android platforms and allows companies to link content from any URL directly into their own mobile apps – eliminating the need for the user to leave the company’s mobile ecosystem.” —Jonathan Ohliger, CEO and founder of VEEPIO

For example, a photo of QB Carson Wentz is embedded with multiple links to additional content. With a single click on content with the VEEPIO logo, boxes appear on the image that instantaneously direct users to team and player stats, social media accounts, video highlights and even the team’s pro shop where the viewer can purchase merchandise being modeled by the players or coaches in the photo.


Jonathan Ohilger, founder and CEO of VEEPIO 


Target audiences


WVU alumni

Current WVU students

Student athletes

Football fans


Contact: Jonathan Ohilger, Founder and CEO of VEEPIO

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