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Exhibit explores artist’s fight with cancer

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Wheeling artist Lacie Wallace creates a self-portrait to chronicle her battle with cancer. Kara Lofton, WV Public Broadcasting photo
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What’s the News?
Wheeling artist Lacie Wallace came to terms with her “cancer body” in one of the only ways she could—her art. Wallace’s bright and intimate portraits are coupled with narratives as she chronicles her experiences in and out of hospitals as a cancer patient. Her exhibit “Bodies of Truth: An Artist’s Creative Exploration through Cancer” is on display in the Health Sciences Pylons Area, where WVU Libraries will host a reception Oct. 10 at 5 p.m.

Quotes and Comments
“When I worked with Lacie on her story in the infusion center, I was struck by the passionate way she spoke about art. Seeing her artwork helped me to know her better and her unique way of viewing the world. For Lacie, even the most common objects have the potential to be art, and even the realities of her illness never kept her from creating new work." — Renee Nicholson, Project Lead Writer


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Exhibit explores artist’s fight with cancer

Target Audiences
Cancer patients and their families


Healthcare providers

Art collectors

Art enthusiasts



CONTACT: Sally Deskins
Exhibits & Programs Coordinator
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