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WVU hosts Governor's Honors Academy and Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship

Governor's Honors Academy feature

Governor's Honors Academy students with James Dillion from Columbia Law School discussing the boundaries of Courts and Democracy.

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What’s the news?

West Virginia students are studying the mix of STEM and humanities, good business practices and entrepreneurship at West Virginia University this summer in two three-week programs, Governor’s Honors Academy and the Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship.  

Quotes and Comments

“Governor’s Honors Academy provides a near-utopian environment for teaching and learning for some of West Virginia’s most outstanding students. Making the joy of learning the goal—not grades or test scores or credentials—GHA teaches students to find the intrinsic value in their education and to approach inquiry in creative and open-ended ways.” -Ryan Claycomb, Associate Dean, Honors College

“I just want to say that, we have been planning this school for the last six months and in the first day we were able to see what extraordinary high school students we have in the state.” -Julia Bolt, Assistant Director at Brickstreet Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Governor’s Honors Academy invites media to come anytime during the week, excluding weekends.

The Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship invites media to final presentations on July 22 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. at the Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront Place Hotel.


Governor’s Honors Academy

Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship

Governor’s Schools of West Virginia

Ryan Claycomb, Associate Dean, Honors College

Julia Bolt, Assistant Director at BrickStreet Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Target Audiences

People interested in higher education

High School honors students

High School parents

People interested in business

Business leaders



CONTACT: Julia Bolt, Assistant Director, BrickStreet Center for Innovation and
Entrepreneurship, 304.293.7221,

CONTACT: Ryan Claycomb, Associate Dean, Honors College