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Graphic design students brand Tucker County

Branding Tucker

WVU graphic design students help Tucker County develop a brand.

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What’s the News?
West Virginia University graphic design students are helping one of the most rural counties in the state make a name for itself as a popular business and tourism destination by creating the "Tucker Culture" brand. Tucker County has never had a highway to connect it to the rest of the world. That will change in the coming years as Corridor H – a 148-mile highway connecting Central West Virginia to Northern Virginia still under construction – nears completion.

Quotes and Comments
“Our goal is to help Tucker visualize its own identity while preserving the county’s culture as they would like it. They want to develop and grow, but Tucker County wants to stay Tucker Culture. No chain or box stores, lots of adventure, tight communities, a lot of history and more microbreweries and local eateries than you can shake a stick at.”— Eve Faulkes, professor and coordinator of Graphic Design in the School of Art & Design

“Communities are a great laboratory for trying out ways of making a difference that is measurable. West Virginia can certainly benefit from collaborative efforts and we want our students to learn what their major has to do with being good citizens, discovering empathy as a necessary skill and the need to be aware of their larger world.” — Eve Faulkes

“I found it very rewarding to help a very big group of people promote their area, which made me eager to do great design for them. As a student, I have not been exposed to several things that are soon to come when I get in the ‘real world’ and this was a good taste of how communication among a large organization is extremely strategical.” —Brooke Deardorff, junior graphic design major 

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Graphic design students brand Tucker County

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Target Audiences
Community planners

County governments

Municipal governments

Economic development directors and boards

Convention and visitors bureau directors and boards


CONTACT: Bernadette Dombrowski
Communications Specialist, WVU College of Creative Arts