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WVU engineering alumnus travels world during remote year

Tyler Hartman, Switzerland

WVU alum Tyler Hartman at Jungfrau Mountain, Grindlewald, Switzerland. 

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What’s the News?

West Virginia University alumnus Tyler Hartman was selected for a year-long journey across the world through Remote Year, a program designed for digital nomads to travel the world while maintaining their jobs by working remotely. After months of traveling between Switzerland, Morocco and India, Hartman is now exploring South America in Columbia, Peru, Argentina and Chile. Hartman credits his experience at WVU, which gave him confidence, adaptivity and agility in his work.

Quotes and Comments
“I’ve always wanted to see the world so I started setting up my position to go remote full time, and then lucked into becoming a participant with the Remote Year program. Before this experience I had never even left the United States, and now I’ve been to almost 20 countries in the past eight months. I’m doing the exact same work remotely as I was in my office at Acme, all while interacting with different people and cultures.”—Tyler Hartman (’13), project engineer for Acme Mechanical Contractors

“The graduates of the undergraduate programs in mechanical and in aerospace engineering at WVU are well equipped not only with the technical knowledge and abilities needed for successful engineering practice in today’s global environment, but also with the broad interpersonal and communication skills that allow them to advance in their professional careers, as well as in their personal endeavors. The strong emphasis placed in these programs on a diverse range of hands-on student projects, practical design experience, and close interactions with industrial companies sets them apart from other similar educational programs across the country.”—Jacky Prucz, professor and chairman, department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

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WVU engineering alumnus travels world during remote year

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