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Artist who created Obama campaign 'Hope' poster headlines WVU exhibit

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey. "Peace Guard 2." 2016. Mixed Media on canvas. Courtesy of Shepard Fairey/OBEY Giant Art.

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What’s the News?

The work of Shepard Fairey, the contemporary artist behind the iconic “Hope” poster used during Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, is coming to West Virginia University. Artwork from his latest project, “Work Against the Clampdown,” will be on display at an exhibition starting today (April 21) at the Art Museum of WVU.

Quotes and Comments

“Shepard Fairey is an important American voice in a time of political change. It’s important for our community and campus to engage in the conversation.” – Robert Bridges, museum curator of Art Museum of WVU.


Shepard Fairey exhibition opens April 21

Fairey’s OBEY Clothing.

Photos available for download.

Target Audience

Art enthusiasts, educators and students

Fans of Shepard Fairey

Political observers


CONTACT: Robert Bridges, Curator of the Art Museum of WVU

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