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WVU to join nation in ‘Celebrating Einstein’

Relativity for Kids

"Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids" by Jerome Pohlen is available in the WVU Downtown Library. 

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What’s the News?

See Einstein’s theory of relativity come to life through interpretive dance and a symphony performance, both titled “A Shout Across Time,” during West Virginia University’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences “Celebrating Einstein.” Friday (March 31) kicks off the month-long celebration that includes a series of lectures, nightly rooftop telescope observing events, robotics and the Space Race Fun Run.

Quotes and Comments

“People learn differently,” said Kathryn Williamson, professor and director of the WVU Planetarium. “We are trying to reach people who might learn differently than someone who can learn from a lecture and help them feel connected to science.”

Target Audiences

• People interested in astronomy

• People interested in history

• People who learn through media other than lectures

• Science educators

• Educators in other disciplines

• Parents with school-aged children


Photos available for download

Link to original story: WVU to celebrate Einstein during month-long event

More about Celebrating Einstein at WVU

Campus maps in the WVUToday media center.

CONTACT: Kathryn Williamson
Director, WVU Planetarium
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences