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Diversity strengthens WVU international student experience, creates future ambassadors

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Pranav Sabharwal, Abdulrahman Almassrahy
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What’s the news?

As attention on international students attending U.S. universities has increased in the wake of proposed travel bans, West Virginia University students can speak to their experiences on campus and in the surrounding communities.

International students not only promote diversity at WVU, they bring a different world view to campus and take their Mountaineer experience home with them, becoming valuable ambassadors.

Quotes and Comments

“There is no question that our international students greatly benefit our campus, the local community and the state. Through their presence they promote diversity on our campus and in our community, they enhance our understanding of this fast-changing world by offering new perspectives on issues and they boost our local and state economy as consumers and, in many instances, job producers.”—Dr. William Brustein, WVU Vice President for Global Strategies and International Affairs

“I will take home a fantastic experience that no other place could provide. The diversity on campus is great and being the vice president of an international club, I'm lucky to have worked with and interacted with people from so many countries and different cultural backgrounds. It is essential to have a global mindset and WVU has provided exactly that to me." — Pranav Sabharwal, India

“One of my advisors at Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission recommended WVU for me once he knew that I want to study biology and go to med school afterwards. I like to live and study in such a small town like Morgantown. In fact, the town is not far away from some big cities like Pittsburgh and DC where you can visit and have fun during weekends with some friends. Indeed, it is close to some National Parks and States Forests where I like to spend some time out in the outdoors.” — Abdulrahman Almassrahy, Saudi Arabia


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