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West Virginia University student creates advocacy smart phone app

OSAY Flyer

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What’s the news?
A West Virginia University student has created a smart phone app that turns clicktivists into activists, in as few as four clicks. Dubbed “OSAY,” you can see WVU student innovation and entrepreneurship on display. The app launches in West Virginia today (Feb. 21).

Quotes and Comments:
“This is the definition of virality. Because people are advocating in their social networks, campaigns will grow exponentially. Early data shows incredibly high follow-through rates regardless of age or experience with technology.”—Ankur Kumar, WVU industrial engineering student

"It is wonderful to see the entrepreneurial spirit of our students come to life. They represent the pioneering nature of West Virginia University students." —Corey Farris, WVU Dean of Students

Target Audiences:
• People who want to engage with policy makers

• People who use social media platforms

• Policymakers who want to hear from their constituents

• Technology sector entrepreneurs

• Community organizers

Photos are available for download.


CONTACT: Ankur Kumar