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Safety expert provides tips to avoid fire hazards this holiday season

Close-up of a lit candle in front of a Christmas tree.

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For many West Virginia families, homes are ready for the holidays with lights and decorations on the tree. But decorations, lights and even family pets can be a potential fire hazard in the home. West Virginia University Extension Service expert, Mark Lambert, provides some safety tips to spark joy — not fire — this holiday season. 


“Fire safety around the holidays is very important. One-third of all fires during the holidays are caused by Christmas-related ornaments and lighting, including candles.” 

“Christmas tree fires are not common — only one in 52 result in a death. However, they are very often catastrophic in their damage to the house and to the residents.”

“Always remember these three tips: Water and inspect a live tree daily. Check all of your light strings —any malfunctioning lights should be thrown away, and never leave a room with a candle burning.”

“Make sure your lights have the ‘UL’ logo somewhere on the package. Underwriters Laboratories tests products like lights to make sure they are safe for us to use.” — Mark Lambert, Fire Service Extension director and assistant professor, WVU Extension Service 

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