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WVU student stars on the big screen

Madelyn Dundon starring as Grace, a teenager with cancer

Madelyn Dundon starring as Grace, a teenager with cancer 

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What’s the news?

Madelyn Dundon, a sophomore musical theatre major at WVU stars as Grace, a charismatic and riveting teenager with cancer. “Getting Grace” tells the story of what happens when Grace goes into a funeral home to learn about death, only to end up teaching the funeral director about life. The film premieres nationwide on Friday (March 23).

Quotes and comments

“Being on this tour, and speaking with everyone who has seen the movie, it seems that so many people who have fought cancer themselves, are very close to those battling cancer or those who have passed away from cancer, all have a memory of that person’s zest for life, or they have it themselves. This love for life is the whole point of Grace, and the whole message of our movie. It is very meaningful to get that response from our audiences.”—Madelyn Dundon 

“I have loved my time here at WVU. What I love the most is that I have been able to pursue every single one of my passions in a very diverse environment. I have grown to appreciate scholarship and research more than I thought I would studying performing arts. My professors have fueled my educational and personal growth as an individual.”—Madelyn Dundon

Target audiences

People interested in film

Current and potential WVU students studying theatre

People concerned with cancer

WVU and Morgantown community


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