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WVU dentistry students focus on rural care and outreach

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The School of Dentistry provides dental care in rural areas across the state.
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What’s the news?
West Virginia University’s School of Dentistry fourth-year dentistry students have traveled throughout the state to bring healthy lifestyle choices to rural areas. Over the course of a year, dental students performed more than 17,000 clinical procedures.

Quotes and Comments
“It’s a fascinating experience, in my opinion. When you go to a rural site, you actually get to see what so many people are really in need of —a dentist. I did everything. I did fillings, I did cleanings, I did extractions.” Grace Garcia, fourth-year dental student. 

Grace Garcia audio file (2:33).

“The need is huge. The patients we see at the school, I do feel we see very often and they come regularly, so their needs aren’t as big as what they are in the rural environment.” Mylea Carpenter, fourth-year dental hygiene student.

Mylea Carpenter audio file (2:00).

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Dentistry students focus on rural care and outreach

National Rural Health Day

Target Audiences
Healthcare providers
Dental students
Insurance companies

Dental health consumers


Contact: Richard L. Meckstroth, D.D.S., chairman of the WVU School of Dentistry Dental Practice and Rural Health Department,

Contact: Amy Funk, director of Dental Hygiene Department