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WVU legal expert calls Justice Department appointment of special counsel ‘inevitable’

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John Taylor is the Jackson Kelly Professor of Law at WVU. 

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A West Virginia University legal expert says former FBI director Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel to oversee the investigation into possible ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials will bring credibility to the outcome of the investigation. As special counsel, Mueller will lead an independent investigation that could lead to prosecution of anyone suspected of 

John Taylor
Jackson Kelly Professor of Law                                                                  

“As both Attorney General Sessions’ and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein’s independence regarding the Russia investigation has been compromised, it was essential and probably inevitable that a Special Counsel would be appointed.  Mr. Mueller will have the independence and the authority to get to the bottom of the matter, and his reputation is such that both sides ought to be willing to accept his conclusions as the closest to the truth we are ever going to get.” 

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