WVU expert says terrorism is ‘not a Muslim thing’

Political and economic unrest, not religion or ethnicity, are often the causes of terrorist attacks like the one in Manchester, England. The response should not just center on increasing military action and security reinforcement , according to a West Virginia University expert in social and psychological responses to terrorism and other threats.

WVU legal expert calls Justice Department appointment of special counsel ‘inevitable’

A West Virginia University legal expert says former FBI director Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel to oversee the investigation into possible ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials will bring credibility to the outcome of the investigation. As special counsel, Mueller will lead an independent investigation that could lead to prosecution of anyone suspected of a crime.

WVU expert compares effects of climate change to eroding infrastructure

A West Virginia University professor in the School of Public Health began teaching about climate change more than 20 years ago, hoping reasonable people would see a trend and take action to prevent melting ice caps and rising seas. Instead, the issue has become a political dispute, with many key elected officials saying they don’t believe it’s happening