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Noor Dahshan

Noor Dahshan  

Noor Dahshan, a member of the Honors College from Charleston, will graduate with a degree in biology. She serves as senator for the Student Government Association, a Presidential Student Ambassador and has served a two-year terms as a former president of the Muslim Student Association.

Dahshan is an Egyptian American Muslim student who has dedicated her undergraduate career to help advance the conversation on issues related to diversity and has served as a conduit between students and the University to help foster inclusion and well-being on campus.  

An ardent believer in listening and story-telling as tools for breaking barriers and building bridges, she is particularly proud of the WVU Voices initiative that she helped create to showcase and embrace different cultures via social media platforms.

Dahshan recently played a vital role in the creation of the Intersectionality Coalition which serves as a platform for underrepresented students on campus. She also helped designate private swim hours at the Elizabeth Moore Hall pool for female students who feel more comfortable in a single-gender environment.

During her tenure with SGA, she authored legislation to provide meal and testing accommodations to students who observe fast during the month of Ramadan, and currently, she is preparing legislation to increase accessible online learning for international students, including translation and multi-language use.

With a deep interest in addiction and mental health, she began her journey at WVU with dreams of becoming a psychiatrist; however, her career plans changed last summer when she discovered her passion to work with children during a clinical internship with Children’s Medical Center of Tucson in Tucson, Arizona.

Dahshan plans to attend medical school and ultimately hopes to become a pediatrician and endow an education scholarship for children in underrepresented populations.