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Graduate Profiles

Callie Fry
Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Callie Fry

Major: Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Hometown: Butler, Ohio

"I would tell my freshman self that you are right where you're supposed to be. You're going to find your purpose, your niche, and you're going to move mountains that you thought could never be moved. It just takes time."

Jacob Bumgarner
College of Creative Arts

Jacob Bumgarner

Major:  Music
Hometown: Charleston

"I will always remember the support and strong connections that I had with my many mentors while at WVU."

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Jake Cahn
College of Education and Human Services

Jake Cahn

Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology
Hometown: Uniontown, Pennsylvania

"Through the College of Education and Human Services and the entire University, I have been allotted countless opportunities to discover my niche in the world and develop my character through educational and interpersonal experiences. Through each step of my individual journey here at WVU, I felt the vested interest that my educators had in my personal success. This was the most meaningful message that I received from WVU in my time here, the feeling that my success is also the success of the University."

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Karissa Blackburn
College of Law

Karissa Blackburn

Major: Law 
Hometown: Gilbert

"My degree will allow me to do what I have always wanted to do and was unable to do in journalism alone: I can pick up my sword and fight for my fellow West Virginians who cannot fight for themselves while using my pen to tell their stories in the courtroom."

Abhik Bera
College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

Abhik Bera

Major: Sport Communication, Athletic Coaching Education and Sport and Exercise Psychology
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland

"I will always remember the relationships and bonds I created that will last for a lifetime while at WVU. I connected with my passion at CPASS through the opportunities that CPASS provided me outside of class, like my internship with the WV Black Bears, and the opportunity to work within WVU Athletics."

Mia Antinone
Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

Mia Antinone

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Weirton

"I will always remember standing on the field with my parents at Milan Puskar Stadium as I was announced as “Ms. Mountaineer."

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Timofei Kharisov
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Timofei Kharisov

Major: History and International Studies
Hometown: Hinton

"I would tell my freshman self to stay calm because things will work out as long as you work hard."

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Amy Toscano
John Chambers College of Business and Economics

Amy Toscano

Major: Global Supply Chain Management
Hometown: East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

"My degree will allow me to embrace my new supply chain position with PepsiCo, a global brand that encourages my personal growth that started with great experiences at the Chambers College — both inside and outside the classroom."

Graeson Baker
WVU Reed College of Media

Graeson Baker

Major: Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations
Hometown: Paden City

"I would tell my freshman self to get involved on campus as quickly as possible. It is truly amazing at how many opportunities open up just because you got involved with a student organization or even an internship."

Nate Chertok
School of Dentistry

Nate Chertok

Major: Dental Surgery
Hometown: Yeruham, Israel

"If you are passionate about patient care and dentistry and want a great hands-on experience under the supervision and mentorship of committed and world-renowned dentists and specialists, I believe this is the place for you."

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Melissa Wolz
School of Medicine

Melissa Wolz

Major: Pediatrics
Hometown: Sewickley, Pennsylvania

"Keep an open mind about what you think you know about West Virginia. The state has so much more to offer than most people realize. The School of Medicine provides so many opportunities to help you explore the state, foster your personal relationships and make connections to your cohort and the deans."

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Seth Burk
School of Nursing

Seth Burk

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Sunbury, Pennsylvania

"Most people can be taught how to take a blood pressure and how to put in an IV, but the WVU School of Nursing teaches you the why and the how. The experience gained from this program will set you up for tremendous success as you begin your journey into the workforce upon graduation because you will know the why, the how, and you will be set to take care of others in any way needed."

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Paul Cornelius
School of Pharmacy

Paul Cornelius

Major: Doctor of Pharmacy
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Work, work, work as much as possible to get experiences extrinsically from WVU School of Pharmacy. My time working at a local pharmacy has been immensely rewarding and has given me tidbits of knowledge and know-how I cannot learn from a book or classroom. Most importantly, it has shown me that a team can be a family, and what foundations are essential to be utilized as a manager to create an environment of trust, team and love."

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Krystal Capers
School of Public Health

Krystal Capers

Major: Epidemiology
Hometown: Jackson, New Jersey

"Continue to push toward your goals even when you don’t want to. Your experience at WVU depends on what you invest in it."

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