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Graduate Profiles

Stephen Woemer portrait.
Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Stephen Woemer

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Morgantown

I will always remember hanging out in the Mountainlair while at WVU.

Nathan Burks portrait.
College of Business and Economics

Nathan Burks

Major: Finance, Economics
Hometown: Princeton

My degrees will allow me to excel competitively in global financial markets, the most Darwinian of all environments.

Sean Elliot playing the violin.
College of Creative Arts

Sean Elliot

Major: Music
Hometown: Morgantown

I will always remember the mutual encouragement to follow your dreams and pursue your passions while at WVU.

Mckenzi Barnett portrait.
College of Education and Human Services

McKenzi Barnett

Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Princeton

My degree will allow me to educate students inside the classroom to change the world outside of it.

Kevin Connoley portrait.
College of Law

Kevin Connoley

Major: Law
Hometown: Morgantown

My degree will allow me to embark on an entirely new and exciting career path after 20 years in radio. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity.

Kayla Nottidge portrait.
College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Kayla Nottidge

Major: Physical Education Teacher Education
Hometown: Damascus, Maryland

I would tell my freshman self that all things in life take time and to just be patient.

Rachel Wattick portrait.
Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

Rachel Wattick

Major: Human Nutrition and Foods
Hometown: Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

My degree will allow me to help change the way we approach mental health. Diet plays a huge role in how we feel mentally but we often focus on just the physical aspects. I would like to investigate the role of nutrition on mental health and use it in conjunction with other therapies to create real, sustainable solutions.

Mustafa Rfat portrait.
Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Mustafa Rfat

Major: Social Work
Hometown: Kirkuk, Iraq

My degree will allow me to better communicate, understand and serve larger population in West Virginia and across the world.

Joel Norman portrait.
WVU Reed College of Media

Joel Norman

Major: Journalism
Hometown: Allison Park, Pennsylvania

I would tell my freshman self to not wait until later years to join U92 and the Daily Athenaeum because they were the best opportunities that I had to develop myself as a sports writer and broadcaster.

Grace Garcia portrait.
School of Dentistry

Grace Garcia

Major: Dental Surgery
Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

I would tell my freshman self to not be discouraged. There are going to be some days when you feel you cannot make it, but you will. We have a great support system. If you need help, go ask.

Haily Hickey portrait.
School of Medicine

Haily Hickey

Major: Physical Therapy
Hometown: Holland, Michigan

My degree will allow me to help others reach their goals and continue doing the things they love.

Sam Plantz portrait.
School of Nursing

Sam Plantz

Major: Nursing
Hometown: Charleston

I would tell my freshman self to never stop finding yourself. WVU has opened up doors I didn’t know were there. I have found my passions. I have evolved over the last five years into someone I never thought I would be, but someone I am proud to say that I have become.

Erin Barthlemess portrait.
School of Pharmacy

Erin Barthelmess

Major: Pharmacy
Hometown: Hurricane

I would tell my freshman self that it's okay if you don't know what you want to do. Take as many classes and join as many clubs as you can, and you will find something you love.

Phat Huynh portrait.
School of Public Health

Phat Huynh

Major: Epidemiology
Hometown: An Giang, Vietnam

I will always remember my friends in the epidemiology program and Collegiate Recovery Program, spending time at the Student Recreation Center and riding on the PRT while at WVU.