A variety of petroleum industry safety trainings are now offered through West Virginia University’s new Oil and Gas Training and Assistance Center, a division of WVU Safety and Health Extension.

The courses are designed for current oil and gas employees, as well as people seeking work in the industry. For potential employees, the courses provide them with a few valued credentials before entering the workforce.

WVU Safety and Health Extension specialists cover topics specific to land-based oil and gas training, including fall protection, confined space, fire protection and transportation safety.

“There’s been significant growth in the oil and gas field in West Virginia and the surrounding states,” said Tiffany Rice, WVU Extension safety specialist. “WVU provides a consistent and centrally-based program for courses to help ensure our state’s petroleum workers are prepared and protected when entering the job site.”

The PEC/SafeLandUSA Basic Awareness Orientation course prepares participants to play an active role in their company’s safety program(s). Program graduates receive an identification card and will have his/her information be processed in an online database for current and potential employers.

Hazards Recognition and Standards for On-shore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, OSHA 5810, helps workers develop skills to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control hazards common to the petroleum industry.

Safe Bolting, OSHA 7110, covers principles and practices specific to pressure vessels and piping.

Finally, the AWARE course uses a picture-based curriculum to relate oil and gas safety hazards in a clear and practical manner for employees.

Course costs vary by program. For a schedule of courses, visit www.safetyandhealth.ext.wvu.edu or call 1-800-670-4838 for more information.

WVU Safety and Health Extension is a program of the WVU Extension Service which connects the people of West Virginia to the University’s resources and programs is through local experts, like WVU Extension’s agents and specialists.



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