As a West Virginia University senior, 2011 Benedum Collaborative Five-Year Teacher Education Program graduate Sean Freeland always appreciated guidance from alumni about searching for jobs and adjusting to the classroom as a first-time teacher.

On March 7 at 1:30 p.m., he and three other new teachers will offer that advice to 112 fifth-year Benedum students in the first-annual College of Human Resources and Education “Life as a Teacher” seminar in WVU’s Percival Hall.

“Everyone says that the first year of teaching is the most difficult, but I hope to share some things that will help them get through it successfully,” said Freeland, a University High School math teacher. “I also want to talk about searching for jobs, because they will be getting started on that soon.”

Freeland will join first-year teachers Laurel Beatty (Morgantown High School), Amy Condo (Mountainview Elementary School) and Stephanie Crigler (Mason-Dixon Elementary School) for the seminar. They will discuss topics such as assessment and grading, classroom management, parent involvement, faculty and staff rapport, working with special needs students and continuing education.

The four new teachers will also be joined by Grafton High School Assistant Principal Lori Shumaker for a presentation on job interviews.

“The idea for this seminar came from graduates of the Benedum Five-Year Program. From their experience as first-year teachers, they felt they had some great ideas to share with students who are just getting ready to begin their teaching careers,” said Sarah Steel, Benedum Collaborative Program Coordinator. “I am always impressed at how willing our graduates are to give back to the Benedum Five-Year Program. They are an incredible resource to these emergent teachers.”

The event is sponsored by the College of Human Resources and Education Alumni Association.

“As recent graduates, we know where they are right now in the program, and we know where they will be heading in the near future,” Freeland said. “I think this will be a good chance for them to see a glimpse of what their next year might be like.”



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CONTACT: Christie Zachary, Human Resources and Education