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Cop-turned-professor pushes for stronger police-community partnerships

Dead from a cocaine overdose, a waitress found in a trendy Wilmington, Delaware neighborhood set the gears in motion for one of James Nolan’s last cases as a vice detective. It also served as the catalyst for his next career investigating different strategies in policing as a West Virginia University sociology professor.

WVU forensics lab cracks case on newer, ‘greener’ gunshot residue

Discoveries by West Virginia University forensic scientists about how gunshot residue behaves on skin, hair and fabric will allow crime scene investigators to catch up to the proliferation of new, eco-friendly types of ammunition and make faster, more informed decisions at crime scenes and in forensic laboratories.

Two elected to WVU Foundation Board of Directors

Two West Virginia University alumni with successful careers in information technology and health care were elected to the WVU Foundation Board of Directors at its annual meeting.