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  • Crime stories leaning heavily on forensic analysis are a staple of television drama. Not surprisingly, however, what you see on CSI and NCIS does not exactly match up with what actually happens - and after this weekend, several community members will be able to tell you that first hand.
  • Dozens of West Virginia University students, faulty and staff are preparing to fan out across the Morgantown area to give back. They?ll pull on work gloves and pick up garbage bags during the Campus-Community Clean Up on Saturday (April 11). It?s the kickoff event as the Center for Service and Learning launches tenth annual Week of Engagement April 11 through April 19. This week coincides with the National Volunteer Week to bring the entire Mountaineer and Morgantown community together and work towards a brighter future.
  • The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has recognized the scope and success of WVU's impact by selecting the University for the 2010 Community Engagement Classification, putting WVU in the 6 percent of higher education institutions that Carnegie recognizes for engagement out of all U.S. institutions. It is the only institution in West Virginia the foundation recognizes for its community engagement.