All student loan borrowers at West Virginia University and the regional campuses at WVU Institute of Technology and Potomac State College are required to complete exit loan counseling before graduating, transferring, leaving school or after dropping below half-time status.

Since repayment of student loans is a serious obligation, students must complete exit loan counseling even though they may be re-enrolling at WVU, WVU-Tech, or Potomac State College of WVU or transferring to another college/university.

An e-mail will be sent to fall graduates in mid November from WVU’s loan servicer, Educational Computer Systems, Inc., requiring completion of loan exit counseling. If the exit counseling has not been completed within the time frame specified, reminder postcards will then be sent to the students’ permanent mailing addresses. At that time fall graduates who have not completed the exit counseling requirement will have a hold placed on their University records. The hold prohibits the students from obtaining transcripts or grades and from registering for classes at WVU and/or its regional campuses. Once the exit counseling requirement is completed, the hold will be released.

Transferring students and students who are not returning to WVU, WVU-Tech, and/or Potomac State College of WVU for the Spring 2014 term should contact the WVU Office of Student Accounts at to implement the exit counseling process.



CONTACT: Rebecca Wilkins, Potomac State College of WVU

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