Two robberies that have occurred near the West Virginia University Downtown Campus within the past week have University Police advising students to be safe.

The Morgantown Police Department responded to an armed robbery at the BP gas station at 432 Beechurst Avenue on Thursday night.

On Friday night, Morgantown Police were dispatched to an armed robbery at the Dairy Mart at 1287 Richwood Avenue.

In both cases, two males entered the store. One produced a handgun and demanded all the money in the register. Both were dressed in dark baggy clothing and had their faces covered so only their eyes were seen, police said.

Anyone with information concerning the robbery is asked to contact Morgantown Police at 304-284-7522.

“Due to the two robberies, we want to remind everyone about the potential for strong-armed robberies,” said WVU Police Chief Bob Roberts. “We want to remind our students to be aware when they’re out and about.”

WVU Police offer the following tips for students:

• When you are traveling on foot or in your car, pay attention to your surroundings. If you sense something is wrong, leave the area immediately.

• When traveling at night on foot, travel in numbers of two, threes or in large groups.

• When out walking alone, walk briskly and confidently. Avoid isolated areas, shortcuts and deserted parking lots.

• Avoid going to ATM machines after dark.

• If you see someone suspicious or feel you are being followed, go to a populated or well-lit area or activate one of the 37 Blue Tower Emergency Phones located on campus. Don’t be afraid to call the police if you suspect you are being followed.

• If you are the victim of a robbery, follow the instructions of the robber.

• Do not argue or attempt to fight with your assailant.

• Remember that the motive in most robberies is to steal, and once the perpetrators have what they want, they will leave. Comply with their requests and remember that money, jewelry and other valuables can be replaced. Never do anything or take any action that may increase your risk of being a victim of physical violence.

• Make a mental note of the description of the suspect. Try to remember what they looked like (height, weight, hair, skin color, facial hair, scars and tattoos). Make a mental note of what they were wearing (pants, shirt, jacket, shoes, etc.). If a vehicle is involved, try to get the license number, call the police and report the incident as quickly as possible. Quick reporting and a good description may give the police the information needed to apprehend the suspect.



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