West Virginia University Press is pleased to announce that Mari-Lynn Evans, editor of The Appalachians: America’s First and Last Frontier and award-winning producer of Coal Country and the PBS documentary The Appalachians, will speak at the 2013 Appalachian Studies Association Conference in Boone, N.C., on Sunday, March 24. She will sign copies of her book and films on Saturday, March 23.

Mari-Lynn Evans will present a preview of her third documentary film about Appalachia, her home. “Blood on the Mountain” will focus on socio-economic and political injustice of the corporatization of the U.S. economy as seen through the eyes of West Virginians. “Blood on the Mountain” tells the story of a hard-working people who throughout history have failed to benefit economically from the rich natural resources of their land. West Virginia’s near-total economic reliance on the gas and coal industries ensures the power of outside corporations and local oligarchs. Evans envisions this “documentary film will tell our history, literally removed and perverted by government officials in collusion with industry.”

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