In President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address this week, he made a goal for the country of reducing by half the amount of wasted energy in homes and businesses over 20 years.

Obama said federal support will go to states that successfully work with residents to achieve this goal.

West Virginia University has had a decades-long history with increasing energy efficiency. Two leaders of energy efficiency at the University are available to discuss the President’s goals and the issue of efficiency.

Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan is the director of the WVU Industrial Assessment Center and professor of industrial and management systems engineering.

He can be reached at or 304-293-9434

Ed Crowe is an engineering scientist with Industries of the Future-West Virginia Energy Efficiency Division and can be reached at or 304-293-6449.

Gopalakrishnan and Crowe are the movers behind WVU’s E3 Program. The Energy, Environment, Economy program experts have shown officials for industrial, institutional, and public facilities in five counties how to save $326,378 total in annual energy savings, among other achievements.



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