West Virginia University sociology professor Daniel Brewster and Student Advocates for Invisible Children, a student organization on campus, are partnering with the Dragonfly Grill to host Morgantown’s version of “Cover the Night.”

The event runs from 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday (April 20) at Dragonfly. The event will be a happy hour dinner. There will be a $10 cover charge at the door. All proceeds from the cover charge and a special drink developed by Dragonfly will benefit the Invisible Children organization. All attendees will receive a free ticket to DJ Jesse Marco from Project X, who will perform at the Buddha Lounge later Friday night.

“Cover the Night” is a nationwide event taking place April 20 that was developed by the national Invisible Children organization and the KONY2012 initiative to cover cities, buildings and streets across the United States with KONY2012 posters. The event’s purpose is to shine light on the KONY2012 campaign. It will attempt to help advocates earn the right to be heard by national and global leaders by serving local communities.

Afterward, the Student Advocates for Invisible Children will “cover” Dragonfly Grill with the Invisible Children KONY2012 posters to show support.

“The objective is to during the night on April 20th to bring awareness to Joseph Kony so that when people awake on Saturday they will see flyers, posters, signs and more that reference Joseph Kony,” Brewster said. “We decided to take a different approach than ‘littering’ the town with the flyers and instead decided to bring awareness and fundraising via the benefit dinner.”



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