Lindsay Paulin is the inaugural winner of the Harold M. Gordon Hazard Control Management Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes students studying in West Virginia University’s safety management program who have exemplified academic success throughout the program.

A native of Morgantown, W.Va., Paulin earned her bachelor of science degree in finance from WVU. In an attempt to broader her knowledge of risk management, she took several classes in the safety management program as an undergraduate.

“Originally when I decided to major in finance, I thought I was going to be a financial planner so I could help others prepare for the future,” said Paulin. “That all changed once I took my first insurance and risk management course. The idea of preventing a loss and protecting people and property were more interesting and gave me a greater sense of enjoyment, knowing that I could potentially protect people and save lives.”

Paulin went on to enroll in the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources as a student in the safety management master’s degree program. She is currently working as a graduate assistant for WVU’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety, where she has had opportunities to participate in insurance inspections, investigate incidents on campus, and learn about hazardous materials. Paulin plans to enter the field of loss control upon graduation.

The scholarship, which was established by the International Board for the Certification of Safety Managers, honors Harold M. Gordon. Gordon established the certified hazard control manager credential in 1976 and served as the executive director of the Board of Hazard Control Management until his retirement in 2007.

Paulin plans to use the $1,000 award to cover expenses associated with attending the American Society of Safety Engineers Annual Conference in Denver.



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CONTACT: Mary C. Dillon