NFL 32, a new show on ESPN2, will include commentary and analysis by West Virginia University alumnus Kevin Elko.

The show, hosted by Chris Mortenson and Suzy Kolber, airs weekdays from 6-7 p.m.
Elko will appear on the show each Friday for about 5-10 minutes, sharing his expertise on various issues that are going on that week with league personnel and teams.

Elko, who earned multiple degrees from WVU and is a member of two of the school’s Halls of Fame, was a guest on Chris Mortenson’s ESPN radio show last year where he did a segment called “The NFL Psychological Report.” When Mortenson landed the host role in the new show, he suggested that ESPN invite Elko to participate.

According to the ESPN web site, NFL 32 will feature a rotation of analysts with a casual and conversational format. The hosts will cover topics of the day on the NFL. Network officials report that social media will be a big aspect of the show to allow viewers to be interactive with league players, team executives and officials.

A Brownsville, Pa., native, Elko is a frequent consultant to pro and college teams, coaches and players along with businesses, and has been a regular guest on Chris Mortensen’s ESPN “Mort Report.” A member of WVU’s College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Hall of Fame and its College of Human Resources and Education Hall of Fame, he has extensive experience in public speaking and crafting motivational messages.

Elko is a nationally renowned performance consultant and is the author of several books.


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