Jack Watson, professor and department chair of sport sciences in West Virginia University’s College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, has been elected to serve as president-elect of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Watson will act as the 28th president in the group’s history.

As a member of the executive board, Watson will serve a three year term, first as president-elect, then as president and, finally, as past-president, during the three year process.

“I am passionate about applied sport and exercise psychology, and AASP is and always will be my professional home,” Watson said. “Therefore, this elected position provides me the opportunity to follow my passion and give back via leadership to AASP. As we move beyond the 25th anniversary of AASP, it is important that we remember the history of the organization and also look toward the future.”

Watson plans to improve the return on investment for membership, strengthen lines of communication within the group and focus on the strategic plan of the organization with a clear vision of the future.

As a licensed psychologist and AASP Certified Consultant, Watson has worked with athletes from many sports and ability levels. He has also worked with non-athletes in collegiate and community settings. Watson’s research focus is primarily in the areas of applied sport psychology, professional issues (ethics, supervision, mentoring), youth sport and social psychology of sport.

According to the group’s website, AASP was founded in 1986 and has emerged as the largest applied sport and exercise psychology organization in the world. AASP was established to promote the science and practice of sport and exercise psychology. The organization also attempts to provide an opportunity for individuals to share information related to theory development, research, and the provision of psychological services to consumers. AASP is the only professional organization in North America that offers certification to qualified professionals who practice sport, exercise, and health psychology.



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