MONTGOMERY, W.Va. – West Virginia University Institute of Technology announced today that 524 new students have enrolled for the fall semester, a 40 percent increase in student enrollment from last year. Campus Provost Scott Hurst attributes this gain to new leadership in enrollment services.

“Dean of Enrollment Services Michael Mattison launched the ‘First-Time 500’ campaign. The goal of the campaign was to bring in an entering class of 500 first-time students to WVU Tech for the Fall 2009,” Hurst said.

Mattison did not start in the position until November, which is three months into the typical college recruiting season. However, Mattison made immediate strategic changes regarding marketing, campus events, and introducing admissions counselors to the latest recruiting techniques.

“A cornerstone of our success was answering the key question every parent and prospective student asks, ‘Why should I come to WVU Tech?’ We have a long history of producing professionals who have helped build this state’s economy,” Mattison said.

WVU Tech’s success as of late is not limited to the recruiting efforts. The school has recently received grants for the continued development of clean coal technology. Senior design students have been in the news for developing electric motorcycles, and most recently the May 2009 nursing class had a 94 percent passage rate on their National Board exams.

“I’m thrilled with our recruiting efforts not only meeting, but exceeding our goals. However, I’m more excited to welcome our new students to a dynamic and vibrant campus where our students can lay the foundation for a bright future, Mattison said.

WVU Institute of Technology, a division of WVU, offers more than 50 career-focused, four-year programs in the engineering, sciences, business, social sciences, public administration, humanities and health fields.

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CONTACT: Brian Bolyard
WVU Institute of Technology