West Virginia University will be benefitting for years to come from the results of the Building Greatness Campaign $336,238,381.

The public announcement of the final total was made during a Campaign Celebration Saturday evening (March 27) at the WVU Creative Arts Center. The emphasis of the evening was on thanking donors for their unprecedented support and to share with them how their gifts are impacting the University. The five-and-a-half year historic campaign, which concluded on Dec. 31, 2003, had a goal of $250 million. It was conducted by the WVU Foundation on behalf of the University and its affiliated organizations.

The Building Greatness Campaign has achieved a level of success many thought impossible especially during these difficult economic times,said F. Duke Perry, president and CEO of the WVU Foundation.The achievements of this Campaign demonstrate the confidence and commitment of our alumni and friends to the University and the difference it is making in the lives of the people of West Virginia, the region and the nation. This Campaign ensures that West Virginia University will be able to provide its students a quality of education for generations to come.

In embarking upon the Campaign, six areas of emphasis were identified within the University for increased private support. Totals for those areas are:

  • Student Support$68,718,865 m
  • Faculty Enhancement$30,832,432 m
  • Library Enrichment$4,852,454 m
  • Academic Research&Initiatives$105,322,611 m
  • Campus Development&Technology$37,139,801 m
  • 21 st Century Opportunities$57,429,289 m
  • Funds yet to be designated by donors$31,499,929 m

The success of the Building Greatness Campaign has sent a clear message: WVU is an institution of the highest quality, and is worthy of private support,said WVU President David C. Hardesty Jr.West Virginia University is stronger than ever, and it will be an even stronger institution in the future because of the generosity of the nearly 51,000 donors to the Campaign.

He added,More students will have the opportunity to pursue a WVU education through the new scholarship funds that have been created. The University will be better able to attract and retain some of the nation’s best teachers and scholars through endowed chairs and professorships. Faculty and students will find enhanced resources in our libraries. More support will be available for researchers. With continued private support in future years, WVU ’s quality and service to our state and nation will achieve even higher levels.

Campaign highlights:

  • Nine gifts in excess of $10 million
  • 56 gifts in excess of $1 million, approximately 58% of total dollars raised
  • 41 chairs and professorships
  • 314 scholarship funds, including 64 student-athlete funds
  • 48% donors within the state of West Virginia
  • 52% out-of-state and international donors
  • 27,544 first time donors

Gifts came from:

  • 50 states, Washington, D.C.; Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
  • 26 foreign countries
  • 50% alumni
  • 37% friends
  • 10% corporations
  • 5% foundations
  • 2.5% other organizations

Proportion of donors by type :

  • 50% alumni
  • 37% friends
  • 10% corporations
  • 0.5% foundations
  • 2.5% other organizations

Proportion of gifts by donor type :

  • 23% alumni
  • 44% friends
  • 20% corporations
  • 10% foundations
  • 3% other organizations

Top five gifts are:

  • $20 millionMilan Puskar
  • $18.4 millionGladys Davis and Vivian Davis Michael
  • $15 millionThe Rockefellor family
  • $9.8 millionOracle Corporation
  • $9.5 millionBenedum Foundation

This Campaign cannot and should not be measured in dollars alone for the benefits that are being derived from this effort are the true gauge of its success. It is helping to meet critical needs of the University as well as expanding its reputation nationally,said Raymond J. Lane, National Campaign chairman.

We are truly indebted to those who, through their gifts to the Campaign, have recognized the important role that this land-grant comprehensive research institution has played in their lives as well as in the lives of countless others. We will continue to seek additional private support for WVU ; for, in the midst of global financial uncertainty and fiscal pressures, one reality remains crystal clear-private support has been and will continue to be critical to West Virginia University’s future.

The WVU Foundation is a private non-profit corporation that generates and provides support for West Virginia University.