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You've probably been counting down the days until graduation. Ever thought of counting up the hours that got you there?

Think back to those hours you spent in the classroom... on the PRT... or even on High Street.

How 'bout those hours on a study abroad trip that changed your perspective forever? Or the five-minute conversation with a professor that got you turned around enabled you to snag that C?

You've spent countless hours at WVU, and for that reason, we'd call you an expert college student.

We added it all up, and it comes to a little more than 24,000 hours that comprise a four-year career at WVU. In that time, you can probably perfect the “college experience.”

You could have walked around the Earth in that time. Or halfway to the moon.

Your college career has been a journey. It isn't easy, or without struggles. But, you've made it. You're an expert. Before you zip up your gown and try to get that cap to stay on your head, think back to those hours you've spent.

Know that we'll miss you when you're gone, but we'll never forget you.

How did you spend your 24,000 hours?

The stories below are just a few examples of what made the 24,000 hours a college experience worthwhile.

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Thina Maqubela

This South African student came to WVU to pursue a master’s degree in statistics and will leave with that – and the skills to be a tutor.

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Gbolahan “Bugzy” Idowu

All the way from Nigeria, the petroleum and natural gas engineering major lived in Lyon Tower for four years … and loved every minute of it.

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Fernando Said

An aspiring sports agent from Argentina who’s always loved the Mountaineers used his love for sports to jumpstart a career.

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Audra Praskwiecz

From tears to cheers, this fast-track nursing student overcame her fears during clinicals – and already has a job lined up.

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Academic STARS

WVU’s first class of Academics STARS, a unique African-American retention program, is graduating and heading on to bigger things.

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Anthony Zabiegalski

Nearly 2,000 miles from home, the business management and marketing major found a whole lot more than a second home at WVU.

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Michael Odle

A transfer student from Southern West Virginia, he was able to travel to Italy for experience and embrace his passion for fashion design.

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